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The Order of the Beak

Irrationally Exhuberant since 2002

The Livejournal of the Beak
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The time has come for the Beaks to gather together! Arise Beakniks, for your time is at hand! And you know what that means...

Whiskey for EVERYBODY!

For more information on The Beak and its wonders, please visit the website provided. Thank you, and enjoy your stay.

Other sites of interest:

The Beak Store
Giant Baby: Official Band of the Beak

beakniks -The "Beakniks" comic strip, drawn by Horatio the Half Mad

This community is maintained by Madame Captain Calico, known around these parts as lillyv. If you have any problems, direct them to her. She'll then laugh her ass off at your problems and feel a little better about her own life.

Tarot Cards
The Beak, in all its shining glory, appearing to those assembled on The Porch.
Divinatory Meanings: It is a card of extreme unpredictability. It can be a card of great joy or a card of great destruction. It really depends on the querent and how the respond to its appearance in their spread.
Reversed: Due to it's natural nature, the Beak does not have a reversed meaning. Except for when it means "it's time to drink more beer" which is pretty much always.
Deity: It's a fucking deity. If I need to explain that to you then what the FUCK are you doing here? Jesus!

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